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It is a privilege to live in and share such a beautiful, private community. We are so fortunate to have the privacy our gate and fence offer us, and to experience all the wildlife that surrounds us.


Many Homeowners walk through the parks, sit on the bench enjoy the serenity of the lake, listen to the birds, and watch the turtles and ducks. The park benches have been donated by Homeowners for our enjoyment . Now, Homeowners may enjoy the lake view from the new park in Phase 1B, watch building progress over the coming months, meet and welcome our new neighbors. Homeowners are enjoying biking and walking Surrey Loop, now that the road is completed.  The Developer of Phase 1B has recorded the plat with the City of Foley. It includes an amendment for the new development to become part of our POA.  To view and download the recorded Phase 1A and Phase 1B plats click here


The addition of 1B is what the Board of Directors has hoped for and been working toward. Cypress Gates will be one subdivision, one community operating under the same Declaration of Covenants. When completed there will be 114 homes in our community. The Covenants with the amendments made by the Developer can be found here on the website.  The Developer has sold all 60 lots to DSLD the builder. As a home sells in Phase 1B, the new Homeowner will automatically become part of the Cypress Gates POA and will be contributing homeowner’s dues as the home is completed and closes.


As Homeowners in this beautiful community, we are grateful to share our Common Areas, including our pond, a common area around the pond, our abundant trees, our entrance, and the privacy our gated community provides. Some of you who are new to the community may not realize the POA has deeds to 5 parcels of land. These include the pond, a common area around the pond, the road, the gate entrance, and the east, south and north parcels of perimeter fence. The fence areas include 20 feet of trees outside around the perimeter. As an Association, we are responsible for the care and maintenance of these 5 Common Areas. You can view these parcels on our website. Soon, we will be adding the Common Areas of Phase 1B. There is a large wetlands area that provides privacy on the west side adjoining property. There is a 40-foot buffer on the south side of the property, with a 10-foot pedestrian access strip dedicated to the City of Foley. 

This website is rich in helpful information for our Homeowners, as a Property Owner you will find current Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes, Financial Statements from our Treasurer, our Residents Directory and our 10 year plan. Prospective New Residents and Property Owners have access to our Declaration of Protective Covenants and By-Laws, Community News, and a Gallery of photos from community activities and experiences. Our webmaster is continually adding items of interest! If you have a question or comment please contact one of our Board of Directors Officers.

Continue to enjoy exploring the Cypress Gates POA website!



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