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December 16, 2017.

Hello Neighbors and Friends,

For the most part November 2017 was uneventful.  $195.55 was spent to mail the 2018 Budget and Long Term Plan to all property owners and $17.90 was spent on Ortho Fire Ant Killer to kill fire ants in the Common Area.  Normal operating costs such as electricity and the security gate phone line were paid in full.

Currently, the Board's financial focus is to limit all spending.  Hopefully, at the end of this year, we can partially reimburse the Centennial Reserve Fund for the $3,850 transferred to the Operating Account for the new pump.

The November 2017 Financial Statements are available on the 'Financial Statements' page.


All current obligations, that we have received invoices for, are paid in full and Cypress Gates is still solvent.

Much to be thankful for.


Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


Sandra Bonnet
Cypress Gates Property Owners Association


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