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November 12, 2017.

Hello Neighbors and Friends,

Below please find a summary of the October 2017 financial events.

Sprinkler Repairs:

  • A $60.53 check was issued to Parker Medley for sprinkler parts.  Thanks to Parker's hard work the repairs are now fixed and the sprinklers are working properly.

Professional Fees:

  • A $337.50 check was issued to the Association's attorney for a Phase 1-B consult between him and Ben Bonnet, the former Phase 1-B liaison.    

Phase 1-B Construction Signs:

  • A $235.95 check was issued to Boone Signs, Inc., for 3 Phase 1-B construction signs.

The October 2017 Balance Sheet, Income Statement and January 1 through October 31, 2017, Income Statement are available on the 'Financial Statements' page.


All current obligations that we have received invoices for are paid and Cypress Gates is still solvent.

Much to be thankful for. 


Happy Thanksgiving.



Sandra Bonnet
Cypress Gates Property Owners Association



November 12th, 2017.

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