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Cypress Gates Hot Air Balloon Festival

What a treat! On Saturday, two beautiful hot air balloons landed in this subdivision.

Parker Medley and several other residents were lucky enough to witness their landings and talk with the balloon chasers and pilots.

From 2000 feet the balloons descended, rapidly and then did a controlled landing close to the Surrey Loop cul-de-sac.

The second balloon landed at the new construction entrance exit and Surrey Loop.

According to the owner/pilot of the cul-de-sac' balloon, they went up to 2000 feet and there wasn't enough wind to carry the balloons further. On the previous day they had good wind but on Sunday the winds were too high for them to go up.

​Parker took several photos and to view them please click on the following link: GALLERY.

Thanks to Parker Medley for providing the information and photos included in this article.



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